Yantai Guobang Chemical Machine Technology Co., Ltd.
Add: South of Huangwu Town, Zhifu District, Yantai
Zip Code:264000
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Congratulations to our company

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< div id = "newsnr" > < p > Invited by our company, the shandong province antai chemical pressure vessel inspection center on November 12, 2011-13 to my company for D1, D2 class pressure vessel design permits the appraisal review. After two days of review, points out the problems that our company inspection center. My company later on the problems existing in the rectification, and submit the improvement report. Shandong province bureau of quality and technical supervision on December 1, 2011 for special equipment design license issued by my company. < / p > < p > My company has a solid basic theory, professional complete, strong technical strength, scientific research and development ability and rich practical experience of professional talent team, can satisfy the customer test pilot experiment development, engineering, process design, the existing processing equipment and automation, technical renovation, chemical processing and manufacturing equipment, real-time technical support and consulting services, welcome customers to negotiate business. < / p > < p > Your demand is our pursuit, & other; Throughout the state science and technology &; Is willing to wholeheartedly provide you with quality products and perfect technical service. < / p > < / div >

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